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God is on the Move!

In 1997 Cityteam gave global scope to its ministry of service, evangelism and discipleship by launching our international division. To fulfill our mission, we are focusing on training and equipping local leaders to both launch and sustain disciple making movements (DMM) among the least reached people on earth.

The DMM Principles God has revealed to Cityteam are Simple, Sustainable and Scalable; allowing disciple making movements to spread around the globe. Over the last 11 years, we have seen the Lord raise up over 39,847 new churches with 1,087,074 disciples in 29 countries spread across 390 different people groups!*

What are Disciple Making Movements?



New Churches


* Cityteam International is catalyzing disciple making movements in 51 countries. The numbers above represent those countries where we have been able to audit and verify the actual size of the movements. Movements are realized when we observe more than 100 churches which are greater than 3 generations. We are committed to the highest standards available to us when reporting statistics to ensure we are being good stewards with what God has provided.

God’s Big Idea: Obedient Disciples Who Reproduce!

It is not about those who believe in Jesus, it is about those who follow Him. The cornerstone of being a disciple is making disciples. God’s “big idea” is for everyone to obey what Jesus said and get others to do the same.

Every people, nation, tribe, and tongue is the assignment. We believe Disciple Making Movements are the answer because they are Simple, Sustainable and Scalable.


The idea of a “movement” is something that can ripple from generation to generation., That can’t happen if what you want to reproduce is complicated. The engine that drives Disciple Making Movements is an easy to understand process that we call Discovery Bible Studies. This process uses four simple but powerful questions: What does it say? What does it mean? What will you do? Who can you tell?


When new life in Christ occurs in the context of obedience-based discipleship, it is normal and natural to do what jesus said in every area of life. When God’s people follow His instructions, He gives them everything they need to advance His Kingdom.


At least 5 billion people do not know Jesus, therefore taking the gospel to the ends of the earth requires an approach which can go viral. Disciple Making Movements ripple through natural networks of friends and family as ordinary people share what is important to them with those they care about.

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