East Africa Famine

“The drought in Northern Kenya has caused the worst food crisis in living memory and has already killed many people and animals,” reports our East Africa Regional Coordinator.

I said YES – Sudan

Sudan has been ravaged by conflict and genocide. Hundreds of thousands of people are suffering in refugee camps. These dear people are in desperate need of peace. The kind of peace that only Jesus can bring. Saying YES changed everything.

I Said Yes – Cleric

In the midst of darkness, God called me to His kingdom and I said ‘Yes’. Now, at Cityteam International, we are seeing an average of one Muslim cleric per week dedicate their life to follow Jesus. Saying YES changed everything.

Two Wives, Drunk & Ostracized From His Community

Ravi is a common laborer. He has 2 wives and many children. Known in his community for heavy drinking, stealing and bullying, Ravi was kicked out and forced to live on the side of the road. Then Simon started a Discovery Bible Study in Ravi’s home…

Workplace Disciple Making

Visit a workplace Discovery Bible Study in Cape Town, South Africa. Listen to the stories of how it is changing lives – not only of the participants, but also their families and communities.

Wheels of Hope

Samuel and his family experienced a miracle because their village was reached by a Cityteam Disciple Maker who traveled a great distance on his bicycle to bring them the message of the Bible.

A Garden That is Changing Lives

Our goal with the Garden in a Bag project is to provide each one of our disciple makers with access to fresh vegetables and also equip them to look after the widows and orphans in their area by giving them the supplies and training on how to grow and maintain their own Garden in a Bag.

The Difference a Motorcyle Has Made

Cityteam International is working to reach the lost in some of the most remote parts of East Africa. One of our most significant challenges as this Disciple Making Movement in East Africa gains momentum has been transportation.

A Woman of Influence

Jyoti* has a passion for oral learners and has trained hundreds of women who are now starting and leading Bible storytelling groups. But after attending the Disciple Making Movement training, she realized she wanted to be part of starting a Disciple Making Movement...

Finding Hope

She turned to everything: healers, rituals, & sacrifices. It wasn’t working. A disciple maker found her to be a person of peace and a home church prayed over her family. They gave her hope and God gave her the reward she sought.

Meals with a Message

When the entrepreneurial spirit is led by the Holy Spirit, communities can thrive through the love of business owners and operators. To the glory of God, a village in West Africa received more than just goods and meals.

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